Imagine being China.

Imagine being able to celebrate a new year with more fireworks than Pearl Harbor whilst not having to worry about scaring any pet dogs.

Imagine being able to have internet policies so opposite to the mantra of ‘Do No Evil’ that Google refuses to do business in your country.

Imagine being able to side with fascists in Iran, North Korea, Myanmar (Burma) and Sudan with absolute impunity.

Imagine being able to use child labour because iPhone users and LED Television viewers are prepared to ignore this fact as long as they have fancy consumer electronics.

Imagine being able to recolonise Africa by bribing high ranking government officials so that when all is said and done you own the majority of the world’s mineral resources.

Imagine being able to execute more people yearly than all other nations combined, especially the pesky political opposition to your regime.

Imagine if this New Year China resolved to be a better country. They won’t, but it’s nice to imagine.


One thought on “Imagine

  1. kaybee10 says:

    Lol, I’ve never regretted following you on Twitter. And now I have a copious amount of your thinking in this blog *soon to be following*

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